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Yes, that’s me in the picture sitting on the ammo bay door of my faithful Cobra gunship. We were awaiting word to move out to do battle with the bad guys in Laos.

That picture was taken over 40 years ago. Wow! It is scary to realize time passes so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday I was flying in the skies over the northern part of South Vietnam.

Vietnam Veterans Memoirs

After my time in Vietnam, I got busy with other things and didn’t think much about my adventures over there.

Not long ago I needed a subject for a Toastmasters speech and decided to talk about one of my hair raising Vietnam experiences.

Much to my surprise, it was a big hit. A book publisher in the audience suggested I expand on the subject in a book.

After a little consideration, I figured the War was far enough in the past that folks might like to hear about it from someone who had been there and still could remember the affair.

I decided to go for it. I had the time and it sounded like fun. Despite all those urban myths floating around, not all Vietnam Vets are mental cases with terrible flashbacks of the War.

I spent two exciting years in Vietnam. The first with the 4th Infantry Division in the Central Highlands and the second with the 101st Airborne Division up north at Hue/Phu Bai.

As I dredged up all those memories and put them down on paper I was amazed at all the crazy things that happened during the three year period including the two years in country and the year and a half in between.

Those years were loaded with all sorts of adventures and discoveries. One of my most profound discoveries was the secret of life.

Buy a copy of my book today and you will be able to join me as I describe many of those exciting and challenging episodes.

Why my book is unique

Here’s what you’ll discover in Vietnam Veteran Memoirs:

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Take A Look At What These People Are Saying About Vietnam Veteran Memoirs:


"Finished reading your book this morning. I totally enjoyed reading it, especially about A Battery 4/77th ARA. Hope you continue to enjoy life and get plenty of speaking engagements."

Charles W. Myers A Battery 4/77th ARA March 1969-March 1970.


"Finally, a book that reflects what I experienced in `The Nam!' Rather than a band of dope smoking draftees that were infinitely more intelligent than their leadership, the Cobra pilots of Battery A, 4/77 ARA arrived as well-trained volunteer professionals, short on actual combat experience, tasked with executing some of the most daring, dangerous missions ever devised. Unlike many a dry historical treatise replete with data, dates, and confounding order of battle charts, "Vietnam Veteran Memoirs: The Adventures of a Florida Flatlander in Vietnam," by Mack Payne is essentially a compilation of his war stories. Stories much like those that all combat veterans retain whether shared or not. I flew with the Dragons, arriving about 2 weeks after Mack departed. Many of the incidents he relates were `shop talk' for us 40 years ago. Thank you Mack for briefly returning me to my formative years."

Dragon 26

"I thoroughly enjoyed Vietnam Veteran Memoirs and it brought back a lot of memories of my own time flying training.  Despite what could have been a gruesome and dour read of the awful war the book was written with an nice style and lots of humour. It's also a diary of what happened in the war.  The only problem with the book is it's too short!  Very easy to read with a straightforward approach that felt like I was chatting with the author.  I recommend this to anyone who wants to read the truth about life at war."

Jeff Watson
Doha, Qatar


"Can't put it down. Made me late for class this morning!"

Bob Kappler
Bisbee, AZ.

“As a former infantry platoon leader who served in Vietnam, I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated Mack’s recounting of his experiences.  However, it’s not necessary to be a Vietnam veteran or even a veteran of any kind to enjoy this book. It’s well written and provides a unique insight into the Vietnam War. It’s especially noteworthy that Mack served two tours and had two different, though related, experiences, one in the Army Quartermaster Corps and one as a helicopter pilot. This is as real as it gets.”

Johnny Robinson
U.S. Army 1st Lt retired
Arlington, VA


"Reading Vietnam Veteran Memoirs has been a rich and healing experience. I am a child of the 60's and I was unavoidably embroiled in the heated chaos at home during this long and difficult war. Tragically, I lost some of my high school friends. Reading Mack's book helped me to see the war from an entirely new angle -, from the inside, and helped me to come to a greater peace with it. And I can say to anyone who thinks they are not a "fan" of military or war stories, this is so much more and relates many hopeful and miraculous events relevant to all of life. You will be pleasantly surprised at how engaged you will become, even if this is a new subject to you. Definitely read this book!"

Carolyn E. Blake
Barlad, Romania


“There are different levels of serving in the military: support, on the ground fighting, on the sea battles and in the air find and destroy. Like many, I thought of pilots as being safely above the action. Mack Payne’s VIETNAM VETERAN MEMOIRS changed all that. His accounts of flying blind in fog, or dodging deadly tracers make for heart stopping  reading.”

R.T. Byrum, co-author of American Apocalypse: How to Stop The Destruction of Liberty


“After reading this book, I gained a different perspective of the Vietnam War. The writer has shown insights and a behind the scenes look that brought the harsh reality of serving our country to mind. I highly recommend this book and it should be one of the most exciting and interesting additions to your library.”

Peggy Scott

“I generally steer clear of war stories not wanting to be bored with squadron numbers, dates, nomenclature and so on. But Mack Payne’s Vietnam Veteran Memoirs turned out to be a fun read. He gave me different perspective for Vietnam War. I had no idea of the dangers chopper pilots endured. But they also had some fun. Mack Payne was not your ordinary soldier. He reminded me of the unconventional Hawkeye character in the M.A.S.H. TV series. I hope Mack writes more good war books. I’m ready to read them.”

Mel Jackson, author of Runaway: A young boys longing for the love of his father.


“Mack W. Payne has brought forward a fresh and engaging, relentlessly paced story of his personal experiences and exploits while doing two tours of duty as a Corbra gunship pilot in war torn Vietnam.  This is an entertaining read that keeps you turning pages and leaves you eager for the next chapter.”

Paul H. Poore

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Mack Payne

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