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Mack Payne, MBA, is a Distinguished Toastmaster who has given over 100 speeches and appeared on numerous radio talk shows. He has written a book describing his two years in Vietnam. It presents his unique perspective on the War.

Book him for an appearance and find out why everyone who reads his provocative book raves about his unique approach to looking at a divisive time in our history. The book provides inspiration, excitement, humor and miracles.

He is available by telephone, via satellite and occasionally in studio.
His press release and list of sample interview questions follow below. If you'd like a copy of his book and a complete press kit, please call
863-699-1870 (media only)

Press Release
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Former Gunship Pilot Writes Provocative Book about Vietnam

Mack PayneMack Payne, retired business owner living in Lake Placid, Florida, has written a book about his experiences in Vietnam titled VIETNAM VETERAN MEMOIRS. It was inspired by a Toastmaster speech he delivered about an incident he experienced while flying a Cobra Gunship over Laos during the war.
He is a highly decorated veteran of two years in Vietnam and realized it was time to record his memories of those times.  Unlike many books written about the war, Payne’s book is a lessson of inspiration spiced with humor. It details the challenges he had to overcome and the lessons he had to learn. Later he put those lessons to use in his business pursuits and among other things built the largest cultured marble company in the State of Florida.
Reviewers have described the book as: "providing a different perspective of the Vietnam War - a book that makes for heart stopping reading - bringing forward a fresh and engaging, relentlessly paced story that keeps you turning pages and leaves you eager for the next chapter." It was also described by one reviewer as being reminescent of the M.A.S.H. TV series.
Payne holds and MBA Degree and is a Distinguished Toastmaster who has given hundreds of speeches. His preferred topic is inspiration and achievement.  He intends to use the lessons described in his book to encourage and enable others to create and realize their dreams.
The author describes his book as a “book of miracles” and invites anyone to contibute to his miracle list on his website, Each week a free copy of VIETNAM VETERAN MEMOIRS will be given to the person submitting the best miracle story.
VIETNAM VETERAN MEMOIRS is available in ebook form and paperback. It can be purchased at, in book stores or at



Intro for Mack Payne,

Mack Payne is a retired business owner who has written a book about his two years in Vietnam.  He is a graduate of the University of Florida, holds an MBA and is a Distinguished Toastmaster. His book is more than a recounting of wartime experiences.  It is about miracles and inspiration. The real purpose of his book is to show how it is possible to overcome obstacles wherever they are encountered in any walk of life.

Sample Interview Questions

For Mack Payne,

Author of  "Vietnam Veteran Memoirs - a book of Miracles"
  1. So Mack ...What motived you to write your book? (answer takes 2 Minute) 
  1. How is your book different from all the other Vietnam books out there? (2Minute)

  1. Why do you call it a “book of Miracles? (1 minute)
  1. Tell us about your miracle list? (1 minute) 
  1. What about the lessons you learned? (3 minutes)
  1. How were those lessons applied to your business? (90 Seconds)
  1. Why are you so hard on Walter Cronkite in your book? (3 minutes)
  1. Tell us how you stopped the raging rhino. (3 minutes)
  1. Tell us about the incident that caused you to write your book. (3 minutes)
  1. What are the benefits of reading your book? (2 minutes)
  1. Where can your books be purchased? (3 minutes)
  1. Do you have a website for your book? (30 seconds)

To Schedule An Interview,
Contact Mack At:
(863) 863-699-1870